Friday, March 26, 2010

clocks "SPRING" forward

I always remember as a child, learning that clocks "spring" forward and "fall" (autumn), back. This weekend the clocks go forward and the daffodils are doing their best to match the time of year.

Yesterday, we pootled off to the park for a dog walk and I turned my back for one second and THIS happened! As you can see, no sign of Spring, just "mud glorious mud". Trying to get this revoltingly "squelchy" lot back to and inside the car was a challenge and I ended up covered too! Guess that's what Mummys are for?

"it's a wonderful life"

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"our gang"

a visit to the Florence Nightingale Museum in London, with my favourite girls!

We now play that I'm "Florence Mc Nightgown"  whenever my two are sick!

(museum is re opening soon after a complete refurbishment programme)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


We're off to Devon for Easter this year and I'm busy getting holiday surprise boxes ready. So far, have "Frenchman's Creek" and "And Then There Were None, for myself and beloved. "Summer Holiday"
(dvd and cd) for girls and "Finn Family Mommintroll" for all of us. Buckets and Spades are ready from last year, so I now need to concentrate on Easter baskets. I'm hoping to find special bunny and chocolate treats at the MORE THAN A MAMMA spring sale.

Youngest sprog needs an Easter Bonnet by Thursday and I'm trying to resurrect last year's attempt to pass off as new. Our much loved Miss Gracie hairbows clip on easily and are covering a plain straw bonnet beautifully in a multitude of colour! Not as crafty as some of the other yummy mummies, but not bad for this crummy mummy!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

"thoroughly modern cath kidston"

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Cath Kidston last week. The wardrobe dilemma it gave me was nearly divorce material, and my  beloved shut himself away for a few hours, in despair! My "uniform" is a Cath Kidston dress and a brora cardigan , but I didn't want to seem too "keen". (I don't actually own much else). Anyway, settled for toast dress , brora cardi and a Cath ( I feel we are on first name basis now!!!) scarf. She was everything I wanted her to be (except floral); warm, giving, witty and extremely generous with both her time and advice. Plus, she noticed my scarf!

Feeling all fired up with plans for "daisy and mouse" and have found some fabulous new suppliers from Belgium and Germany and are ready to order new and favourite toys from existing ones. Orders are now streaming in after a post Christmas lull and we are secretly (?), looking for premises to open our first shop! 

"it's a wonderful life"