Wednesday, June 30, 2010

here comes summer.....

only a few more days left of school and I'm busy booking tennis and sailing courses to keep us busy.

We are away next week, sailing (floating?) through the Norfolk Broads. The girls have their "ship's logs" ready and (call me a pessimist),  I have hot water bottles a- ready! "Beloved" and in- laws are traveling up first, with trusty mutt at their side. The girls and I will follow straight after school finishes. We have a pristine copy of The Coot Club and plan to shame the "hullaballoos" in their fancy pants speed boats.

Watch this space for a full report from the Broads...

 "it's a wonderful life"

Sunday, June 13, 2010

tooth fairies

We have a cheeky tooth fairy, who leaves naughty messages encouraging the girls to wobble their teeth "even if their mummies tell them not to"! Our 7 year old is a bit behind her friends at school and has only lost two teeth so far. At 5 our youngest checks every day and insists that at least one is "mobile" (dentist speak).

The daisy and mouse fairy post office is proving to be very popular for tooth fairy letters. The tin itself, is so pretty with a posting slot and adorned with flowers. Inside there is everything a good fairyland post mistress would need, including paper clips shaped like toadstools and wands, notepads, envelopes and tiny pixie stamps. We're planning to use an empty tin for our new sweetie jar, although a ladybird house has also been suggested?

"it's a wonderful life...."

"it's a wonderful life...."