Friday, October 29, 2010

making and baking

we have finally moved and have just about emptied, what seemed like a never ending pile of brown boxes! Meanwhile, we've ended the summer and welcomed autumn with a frenzy of home making and baking .
First off, was delicious morello cherry sauce, made with the cherries growing in a friend's courtyard garden.
This moved effortlessly into plum jam making (our plum tree literally collapsed with the weight of fruit, that grew "overnight" when we were on the Norfolk Broads!).
Plum jam needs scones to soak into, so out came the flour and ancient "Delia" recipe.
Our new house has two generous apple trees, so crumble became the pudding of the month, with plans for "apple schnapps cheesecake". However, apple schnapps on my husband's shopping list, came home as "peach schnapps" ( we are speaking again!), so we have quickly jumped back to summer and found some ripe peaches.......

it's a wonderful life!"