Sunday, March 27, 2011

answers on a post card

Is it a plane? Is it a bird? I will leave you to guess what happened.....

Fantastic teacher told all the girls that homework was to enjoy the sun and get outside to play. So uniform still on we grabbed the mutt and climbed over into the fields at the back of the garden.

it is a wonderful life!

Monday, March 7, 2011

annual trip to Fortnums & Masons

for some time now, I've been meaning to blog about our annual trip into London for new shoes, theatre and the highlight.....Fortnum and Mason's Ice Cream Parlour!  We have to prepare in advance as anticipation is high and tummies need to be empty. From the moment we walk past a "fancy pants" footman into the dazzling food hall, my 6 year old starts to squeal with excitement. We have to drag her past all the cake and chocolate displays and head straight to the stairs. My "sophisticated" 8 year old tries to appear "cool" as she hops on one foot hoping for that table she loves, near the window, (she's usually indulged).

Choosing from the menu takes for ever. Of course the sandwich choice is quick and clear, but Oh, Oh Oh choosing ice creams!!!!!!! I sit back with a glass of wine (it is a treat) and let them deliberate, consult, deliberate some more and then finally order. The ice creams are brought with just the right amount of pomp and ceremony, then silence descends. 
We always find time to explore the shop afterwards and to see the clock chime and all that goes with that. Then a quick dash to Trafalger Square before heading to Covent Garden and The Royal Opera House (once a year remember!).

it's a wonderful life.....