Monday, January 31, 2011


Friday evening I picked the girls up from school a little early and drove to Stratford Upon Avon. We had tickets for the RSC's MATILDA. The reviews have been amazing and the production is SOLD OUT. (I bought the tickets way way back before we moved last year). In a previous life, I've seen a lot of theatre and even more children's theatre (work and actor friends), but I can easily say, without ANY hesitation that this is the best of the best!

For a start, parking outside THE DIRTY DUCK/BLACK SWAN brought on fits of giggles. Toffee Apple muffins in the cafe added to the mood of jollity before we even took to our seats. The set took all the girls' attention as they tried to find words in lettered building blocks.

The show starts with a stage full of talented children singing and dancing (which is a bit of a shock). Our interest was captured and we barely blinked for the next two and a half hours. It is a very clever adaptation. It could have so easily become pantomime but always held back just enough. The girl who played Matilda was outstanding and brought an intensity and "stillness" to the role. Yes, liberties are taken with the story, but I think Mr Dahl may well have approved as it kept to his unique style of storytelling. There is a particularly magical scene using swings and a surprise "cabaret" turn during the interval, but I don't want to give away too much!

There is a rumour that it is to transfer to the West End and I strongly urge you to sign up for the RSC's email alerts and buy tickets quickly.....

"it's a wonderful life"

Monday, January 24, 2011

bang bang chitty chitty

Rural life is really suiting us all and we feel settled for the first time, since waving goodbye to city life. This weekend a Vintage Car Rally went through our village and we hosted a drinks party to celebrate. The cars were due around 11pm and even in the rain, (substantial alcohol consumption probably helped?), we were outside waving flags and cheering as they whizzed past. There were supposed to be 39 and we saw around 15, so guessing some got lost!

At one point I did wonder if we were secretly being filmed for the next Midsommer Murders (shot here in the Chilterns), as we seemed to make a perfect cast. Luckily no crime was actually committed and everyone got on famously.

We also have my husband's family here from Hong Kong, so the house  was eccentrically decorated with Union Jack Bunting and flags, alongside Chinese New Year banners and lanterns. We had a slow roast pork joint and homemade "baked beans" and finished with delicious biscotti made by a guest. The girls (for the very first time) joined in until midnight and looked very fetching in Xmas skirts and anoraks!

There was even a mention of a street/village party for THE ROYAL WEDDING.....

"it's a wonderful life!"

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

run rabbit run rabbit run run run

So, Christmas is over and it's back to school tomorrow. New Year only just waking up and I'm getting pressure from the girls for new pets, (Rabbits and Guinea Pigs) and pressure from suppliers for Spring orders!

A fellow "Tweeter" has just seen chocolate eggs in her local supermarket, probably next to half price mince pies! Today we received big orders for our bunny products. Are we now all supposed to be planning for Easter?

I'm just as guilty with this forever looking forward. Spending hours pouring over holiday brochures and booking theatre tickets for Open Air Theatres.  Maybe  a good New Year's Resolution, would be to slow down, stop rushing and enjoy the here and now?
"it's a wonderful life...."