Sunday, November 21, 2010

an invitation to Hogwarts

We are huge Harry Potter fans in our family. The girls were thrilled and excited to be invited to a Hogwarts party. Wearing their school uniform and with a few added extra props, they flew off for wizardry fun and frolics.

We've had a strict rule, that they are not allowed to watch the films until they've read the books. My Number One, has read books 1 to 6 and we are going to read the last one together as soon as we finish "Little White Horse" . I'm reading the first instalment to Number Two, but she considers herself an expert already having been "tutored" by her sister.

They "play" HP all the time and sshhh..... wands and owls will be hidden in their stockings this Christmas. Secret Message Pens were given earlier....

"it's a wonderful wizardy life...."

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