Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"city girl in suburbia"

Life has a funny way of surprising you. A city girl like me never dreamed I'd end up living in suburbia with a Chinese husband, two little girls and running a business around school schedules. But, here we are, straight out of a "Peter and Jane" book! With a house full of pets, daddy driving into town to work, mummy working at the kitchen table and the children at Enid Blyton's school.

Moving to the suburbs (so "Mrs Miniver "), reminds me of how children used to play. Inside and out, with local friends and make believe games. Imaginary worlds that flourish for the whole summer holidays. Learning to ride scooters and bicycles on the pavements and skipping games in the park. Brownies and Cubs on Friday nights, (with a special fish finger supper) and "nature clubs" for investigating and exploring the countryside.

Anyway, here we are; "daisy and mouse"

"it's a wonderful life"!

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