Saturday, January 16, 2010

"just one more chapter"

We have been reading Pippi Longstocking and the girls just giggle constantly, begging for "just one more chapter". I am ridiculously overwhelmed with angst for this poor strange little girl living all alone, but my offspring delight in the pleasures of living a life without grown up rules. The sheer anarchy of eating whatever you want, going to bed whenever you like and sharing a house with a monkey and a horse, just sends shivers of excitement down their spines! Twice I have found them trying to sleep the wrong way round in bed and the pleas for more pets to add to our menagerie have driven me potty.....BUT, the sequel has been ordered and I can barely wait for it to arrive, as I know these special times of sharing a story will, one day disappear. Until then.... "it's a wonderful life"

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