Monday, February 22, 2010

"in whom we trust"

Lucy is my god daughter. She is naturally beautiful (very "Kate Winslet"), kind, loving, funny clever and annoyingly practical. My daughters worship her, my husband leaves his "grumpy" face at work, when she is with us, the dog transfers loyalty as soon as she appears and I love her so much it hurts! At, very nearly, 17 years old we feel "privileged" that she seems to happily spend time with us, especially as she has such an active and interesting life ( SO jealous)!

Trust is a funny old thing. You can't buy it and you can't force it. I trust Lucy with my children. From teaching them to cross rivers to guiding them through their "tricky" little problems, I trust her. She was the first person we told when we found out I was pregnant and she is the first person I turn to, when I need to thrash out new ideas.  I believe she trusts me too and ..... "it's a wonderful life"

PS I'm just out of shot in this photograph, wearing a fleece, hat, scarf and gloves. What is it about teenagers that apparently keeps them warmer than the rest of us?????

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