Monday, May 24, 2010

story rascals

In another life, I trained as a teacher of phonics. I feel passionately about teaching children to read the right way. So many "fantastic" early readers, surprise parents and teachers by experiencing difficulties from year three onwards. This shows not only in reading, but spelling and comprehension too. Up to the age of about 6 to 7, children have a "memory capacity" which helps them remember word structure. This "memory box" fills and then if the building blocks aren't in place, everything starts to crumble. I could (and probably will one day), write a book about this subject, so will spare you a lecture today!

However, I am jumping with joy about a new pre school class that has just started in Beaconsfield (with plans to expand I hope?).
It is called Story Rascals (great name) and is the brilliant idea of an intelligent, warm, qualified pre school teacher, living locally. The class, or should I say fun and games in a learning environment, encourages parents and nannies to engage with their children, whilst exploring stories and sounds in a creative and exciting way. The teacher varies the format weekly with stories, music, art, tactile play etc. The classes are small, I think about 10 max. and toddlers are allowed to "toddle" freely, although they usually end up where they should be because this is a teacher who knows her art!!!! The message of the group comes from the children; READ WITH ME. PLAY WITH ME. LEARN WITH ME.  Just go along and see for yourself, you won't be disappointed....... it's a wonderful life!

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