Friday, December 17, 2010

apres ski!

We've taken the girls skiing for the first time. With good advice we set off for Tignes, which is so high up, we were guaranteed good snow. (It was also so high up, I couldn't breathe for the first two days!). The girl were booked into ski school all day and as they were the only children there (their school breaks up very early), they had a wonderful instructor all for themselves. They were on the slopes for 6 hours a day and we couldn't persuade them to take an afternoon off. However, they fell asleep during supper most evenings!

All great until half way through the week, when I received a call at the hotel to say my husband was in the Medical Centre. He's badly torn two ligaments either side of his knee, which is not good! Getting home was tricky and now being at home the week before Xmas trickier still, as he can't walk or drive. Good friends have delivered us our tree and we're relying on Ocado to battle their way through the snow with our turkey. I'm trying to be "Florence McNightgown" but am turning into very stroppy wife as he tells anyone who will listen, of his dramatic mountain side rescue......again and again and again! Ho Ho HO!

"it's a wonderful life"

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