Friday, December 31, 2010

cats and dogs

our cat and dog bowls and mugs are back in stock. These were a surprise Christmas "hit" and we sold many as presents for much loved pets. The mugs were also bought as "going home" presents, filled with sweeties in a  cellophane bag tied with ribbons.

Our mutt and two pesky pussies have the bowls, although as our mutt is on the small side, the food is a bit lost inside. It's more Labrador size and I wish we had a smaller version. We may change and use it as a water bowl as this can never be too big!

"it's a wonderful life"


  1. Just popped by to look at the shop and wanted to say what a beautiful site you have a lovely blog. Do you make all your products? They are gorgeous! Once I"ve paid off Christmas I'll be back! x

  2. Thank you so much! We don't make our products but spend a lot of time sourcing from here and Europe.