Monday, January 24, 2011

bang bang chitty chitty

Rural life is really suiting us all and we feel settled for the first time, since waving goodbye to city life. This weekend a Vintage Car Rally went through our village and we hosted a drinks party to celebrate. The cars were due around 11pm and even in the rain, (substantial alcohol consumption probably helped?), we were outside waving flags and cheering as they whizzed past. There were supposed to be 39 and we saw around 15, so guessing some got lost!

At one point I did wonder if we were secretly being filmed for the next Midsommer Murders (shot here in the Chilterns), as we seemed to make a perfect cast. Luckily no crime was actually committed and everyone got on famously.

We also have my husband's family here from Hong Kong, so the house  was eccentrically decorated with Union Jack Bunting and flags, alongside Chinese New Year banners and lanterns. We had a slow roast pork joint and homemade "baked beans" and finished with delicious biscotti made by a guest. The girls (for the very first time) joined in until midnight and looked very fetching in Xmas skirts and anoraks!

There was even a mention of a street/village party for THE ROYAL WEDDING.....

"it's a wonderful life!"

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