Tuesday, January 4, 2011

run rabbit run rabbit run run run

So, Christmas is over and it's back to school tomorrow. New Year only just waking up and I'm getting pressure from the girls for new pets, (Rabbits and Guinea Pigs) and pressure from suppliers for Spring orders!

A fellow "Tweeter" has just seen chocolate eggs in her local supermarket, probably next to half price mince pies! Today we received big orders for our bunny products. Are we now all supposed to be planning for Easter?

I'm just as guilty with this forever looking forward. Spending hours pouring over holiday brochures and booking theatre tickets for Open Air Theatres.  Maybe  a good New Year's Resolution, would be to slow down, stop rushing and enjoy the here and now?
"it's a wonderful life...."

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  1. I must admit that whilst clearing out the Xmas deco I was thinking of the Easter deco and looking forward to it!

    Love from Little Scandinavian in London x